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School Systems

Well my C++ teacher gave his opinion of the American school systems pretty loud and clear last night when the class got into a discussion about it. In short: he says the school systems we have are too relaxed and just plain suck. He was comparing other countries to ours, and how many students in other countries have already been exposed to calculus by the 8th grade. Which is just insane. But I think the story he told us was amazing.

He helps kids who would normally be looked down upon as being social outcasts, nobodies, kids who won't go anywhere in life, or other people have given up on. He lets them live with him and helps them change their lives around. The kid (though I shouldn't say that, he's 18 now) that's living with him now dropped out of high school by the age of 15 and had been on drugs since he was 12. Only recently did he quit his drug habit and start to turn his life back around. Oh and he's also from Holland (my teacher is a huge fan of Holland). Well, my teacher also teaches some advanced math course (I don't recall the name of it, and probably never will take this math class in my life--it sounded way advanced). He took a test that he had given his class home and let the kid take it, just for good measure I guess (or maybe the kid wanted to take it, I don't know). Anyway, basically half of his math class failed it outright, the ones that did pass.. most just barely did so. He said that the kid did better than more than half of his class, and obviously hadn't had this course before (since he dropped out and wasn't in college or anything).

It's rather sad that a high school drop out from another country can do better than most of us that are in college in an advanced subject. Makes you think.

But moving on. Everyone received their C++ midterms back. I did the best, at 93%. I even beat out my arch rival, who knows much more programming than I do (so I don't understand how I outdid him). The grades went down exponentially from what mine was. They were so bad that he decided that he was just going to throw them all out and give another test to everyone but me. Since I did so well I can keep mine.

It might have been because of how well I did, or perhaps because he knows that my major is programming, but he told me that he wants to introduce me to a programming professor from the University of West Florida that he's apparently very good friends with. That should be interesting.

And on that happy note.. I have a lot of C++ classes to write. Weeeee!
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