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Kenshin stuff!

2.0.9 of the Ultimate Rurouni Kenshin FAQ has been released!

Because of all the news of the various things coming out, I couldn't resist updating the FAQ with up-to-date information.

And man, what a great time to be a Kenshin fan. There's so many great things coming out now. Here's just a short list for those who haven't been keeping track:

* A new PS2 Kenshin fighting game is coming out in September (for around $65).
* The Rurouni Kenshin kanzenban volumes are finally starting to come out. The first two are out and the covers are awesome. Each one is about $8.58.
* An awesome Japanese box set is being released in December, containing all of the television episodes, the theatrical versions of the OAVs, (I assume the movie), color art books, and various other little gifts (such as a sakabatou statue). The cost is going to be a staggering $551.23 if you order it from Amazon Japan.
* The English version of the first RK novel is being released in October.
* I've uploaded both unreleased specials to Youtube. You can find the links at the FAQ's website (http://iyouboushi.netfirms.com/rk/kenshinfaq.html). For those who haven't seen them before, this is your day to finally do so [sorry about the quality, but that's as good as it gets].

I'm sure the list will grow as time goes on.
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