James (iyouboushi) wrote,

From Atlantis

This post is coming to you live from Atlantis, my new HD's name. Yes, it's finally up and going. Windows is on here, patched to the extreme, and up to date. The .INK error is long gone and the registry is (gasp) not corrupt. I'm currently in the middle of getting all my software back on here, but it's looking good. With 158GB of free space on Atlantis and around 25GB of free space on Athens (my old HD) I'm really in high heaven right now. Athens will have way more when I'm finished making sure that everything copied over correctly to Atlantis (in fact, it should be around 50GB free when all is said and done). I tell you though, reinstalling every piece of software, then all the codecs, is a tedius task.
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I have, combined between my HD's Syaoran, Faye and Kurogane, 250mb free disk space :D