James (iyouboushi) wrote,

Kon is on Twitter!

Kon, my C# Chatter Bot, is now on Twitter! I'll probably post the binaries to the new version that has the Twitter client built-in as soon as I'm sure it's working correctly.

But yeah! Kon can now connect to Twitter and send a random line that it generates. What's the point of it? Well, no real point other than to say I did it. That and if you ever wanna follow a chatterbot now's your chance to do so. You might see some strange lines. Some may be coherent and others might be downright strange. After all, it's generating completely random lines based on content it has seen in my IRC channel.

I'm waiting for the day Kon generates a "yo dawg!" message and sends it off to Twitter. That'll make my night.


I've got it set so that Kon updates his twitter approximately every hour but I think it's really updating closer to an hour and a half. I'll have to look at that sometime later.
Tags: kon, programs
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