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Life as an Anime
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Date:2015-08-21 15:41
Subject:Livejournal is still a thing?

It's been a little over two years since I last visited this website. Imagine my surprise that not only is Livejournal still around but my account is still active.

I doubt I'll ever come back and use Livejournal like I used to. Looking back on previous entries I really wish someone had just told me to step away from the computer and to not even post half the crap that I did. Still, I had to come post something after discovering that it still exists!

If anyone who happens to still frequent this site reads this feel free to leave a comment and say hey.

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Date:2010-12-25 12:51
Subject:Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone out there has a Merry Christmas!

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Date:2009-07-16 16:16
Subject:New Website

I feel so 21st century!

I decided two days ago that I wanted to redo my site, yet again. I felt that it was time to try to move onto php and create a site that would allow me to make updates very quickly. After a ton of failing ideas, I ultimately decided to install wordpress onto a server and set it up that way.

This is the result

I'm in the process of getting all my old news entries (or at least some of them) up and onto the site.

It was a lot of work getting everything to load and run correctly, and the new host has a very paranoid system in which they occasionally take sites down entirely for two to five hours at a time to literally hand-check every file you've uploaded (to make sure you're not violating any laws) but I'm quite happy with the result. Wordpress is a godsend and the whole "click two buttons to make an update" concept is fantastic. I'm so used to having to edit source files of html pages and forget about creating new categories.

Now if I can just get some new content for the site. :P

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Date:2009-04-19 17:13
Subject:Kon is on Twitter!

Kon, my C# Chatter Bot, is now on Twitter! I'll probably post the binaries to the new version that has the Twitter client built-in as soon as I'm sure it's working correctly.

But yeah! Kon can now connect to Twitter and send a random line that it generates. What's the point of it? Well, no real point other than to say I did it. That and if you ever wanna follow a chatterbot now's your chance to do so. You might see some strange lines. Some may be coherent and others might be downright strange. After all, it's generating completely random lines based on content it has seen in my IRC channel.

I'm waiting for the day Kon generates a "yo dawg!" message and sends it off to Twitter. That'll make my night.


I've got it set so that Kon updates his twitter approximately every hour but I think it's really updating closer to an hour and a half. I'll have to look at that sometime later.

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Date:2008-11-09 18:32
Subject:So far..

21571 / 50000 words. 43% done!

I entered late and tomorrow will make one full week. Not bad, I'd say.

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Date:2008-08-19 22:59
Subject:Call This Number ... Working Again!

Thanks to Geemer of irc.esper.net, I finally found another free voice mail box to replace the old one I had. WOOHOO! So if anyone wants to call and leave some crazy anonymous messages, please feel free.

646-495-9204 with the extension: 96810

Yeah, it's a little longer than the old one. But it's free, so what can I say?


Call and leave insane messages!

And here's the page with all the old messages and, hopefully, new messages to come: http://iyou.cyberbotx.com/voicemessages/

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Date:2008-07-22 23:19
Subject:Icy Internet Prison

Hey all.

Decided to start a new message board. Trying to appeal to a wider audience as opposed to my old one. It has a lot more forums this time around and I can always add more if there's a reason to.

Not expecting it to take off and become the next Something Awful, but hopefully a few people will come post every now and then.


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Date:2008-04-17 16:07

Going to go see Chicago live on stage tonight.

I'm excited.

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Date:2007-05-14 23:21
Subject:Call this number!

Spread this number to anyone and everyone you know. I'd like it if this number was spread across the country by the end of the summer. It'd be even better if it somehow jumped the ocean gap and made its way into other countries.

Call it! Leave messages. Leave a story, a rant, a poem, a song, a lament, anything you want! With this number you are completely anonymous.

Let's see what messages we can get from around the country; nay, the globe. :D

(+1) 850-387-4401

This number leads to a voice mail service only. It's not a cell phone #. I created this just to give it out on the Internet in the hopes of getting it spread around in order to generate lots of interesting (or stupid, whichever) messages. Consider it a social experiment. Do not expect a response, even if you leave your phone # in the message.

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Date:2007-05-04 15:02
Subject:It's over!

Finals are finished. I survived this semester.

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Date:2006-12-21 14:40
Subject:My eyes arrived!

I feel like a new man! My eyes arrived!

This is awesome.

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Date:2006-09-08 17:28
Subject:Iyoupan #2

Iyoupan #2 is complete! There's one piece of it. It took FOREVER to make (over four hours). How does it taste? It's extremely sweet. People who can't handle sugar should definitely stay away from it. And the cinnamon filling that I made is.. well, very cinnamon filled. I don't know how else to describe it. It's different, I can say that. I've tried it and I'm still unsure on whether or not I really like it. My mom tried it and liked it. My sister tried it and said it tasted good. Now I gotta get some other non-biased people to try it. :P

My biggest complaint is that most of the seams split while baking and the end result.. isn't that 'pretty' looking.

I'm not sure if I'll ever make this again, as it took freakin' forever and I'm not sure if I really like it. I guess if a lot of other people like it then maybe I will for them, but we'll see.

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Date:2006-08-13 20:46
Subject:From Atlantis

This post is coming to you live from Atlantis, my new HD's name. Yes, it's finally up and going. Windows is on here, patched to the extreme, and up to date. The .INK error is long gone and the registry is (gasp) not corrupt. I'm currently in the middle of getting all my software back on here, but it's looking good. With 158GB of free space on Atlantis and around 25GB of free space on Athens (my old HD) I'm really in high heaven right now. Athens will have way more when I'm finished making sure that everything copied over correctly to Atlantis (in fact, it should be around 50GB free when all is said and done). I tell you though, reinstalling every piece of software, then all the codecs, is a tedius task.

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Date:2006-07-11 19:56
Subject:Kenshin stuff!

2.0.9 of the Ultimate Rurouni Kenshin FAQ has been released!

Because of all the news of the various things coming out, I couldn't resist updating the FAQ with up-to-date information.

And man, what a great time to be a Kenshin fan. There's so many great things coming out now. Here's just a short list for those who haven't been keeping track:

* A new PS2 Kenshin fighting game is coming out in September (for around $65).
* The Rurouni Kenshin kanzenban volumes are finally starting to come out. The first two are out and the covers are awesome. Each one is about $8.58.
* An awesome Japanese box set is being released in December, containing all of the television episodes, the theatrical versions of the OAVs, (I assume the movie), color art books, and various other little gifts (such as a sakabatou statue). The cost is going to be a staggering $551.23 if you order it from Amazon Japan.
* The English version of the first RK novel is being released in October.
* I've uploaded both unreleased specials to Youtube. You can find the links at the FAQ's website (http://iyouboushi.netfirms.com/rk/kenshinfaq.html). For those who haven't seen them before, this is your day to finally do so [sorry about the quality, but that's as good as it gets].

I'm sure the list will grow as time goes on.

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Date:2006-06-20 21:13
Subject:Kaiou 7.2

Kaiou 7.2 Released!

Believe it or not, Kaiou has been updated to version 7.2. WHAT'S NEW? Lots of stuff! Kaiou 7.2 adds a new CAPSULE feature to the bot! Now winners of battles may have a random chance of being rewarded with a capsule that will unlock different things. There's also a command to add multiple technique descriptions for those who want to spice up their characters a little bit, a new weapon type ("claw"), some minor tweaking to help balance things out and, as always, various bug fixes. Overall, this may be one of the stronger versions of the bot and I feel it's finally approaching what it should have always been.

Downloads may be found by clicking here

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Date:2006-05-08 11:01
Subject:Guess I Lucked Out

Well that was an interesting experience that I won't soon forget. Granted even though I didn't even make it to the second stage of things, it was still pretty interesting. The worst part was getting up at 5:45 am and having to sit around from 7 to 8 (when they unlocked the doors).

As 8:00 rolled around, it looked like the cast of 12 Angry Men had shown up. And then I noticed that there were a lot of people there. I tried to do a mental count and gave up after I hit 30. I also noticed I was the youngest person there. When the doors were unlocked we all moved into the actual courthouse and up the stairs to room 202. Here there was a man who was checking our papers and directing us to a woman who was also checking papers. Around 8:30 the man that was checking our papers entered the room (which was set up like a court room) and introduced himself as the courthouse clerk. At the risk of sounding weird, this guy was extremely charming and it was obvious that he loved his job.

He explained how things were going to go and took questions. Some of the questions came up were really interesting. For example, Florida no longer picks who gets jury summons by voter's registration. Now it's determined by whether or not you have a Florida driver's license or state ID card. Also someone asked how many people were actually summoned/how many showed up. Turns out around 250 were summoned, of those about 80 of us were in that room (and of those 60 or so were first-timers). The others were excused for medical/other reasons or just plain didn't show up. Someone asked what happens if you don't actually show up if you get a summons. First they'll send you a letter and postpone you to another date (in this case it would have been July). If you ignore THAT letter, then they send a certified letter. Ignore that and the sherrif gets involved. Ignore the sherrif's letter and then he gets to personally arrest you and drag you to the courthouse where the judge determines how long you get to spend in jail until you comply.

After the Q&A he explained that there were currently five cases that needed jurors for; three of those were misdemeanor criminal cases (the other two were felony criminal cases). It was also interesting to note that this courthouse uses six jurors for each trial, plus one alternative. This meant that out of the 80, 35 of us were going to be selected to sit on the jury. We then had to watch a ten minute video that went over terminology and explained the difference between civil and criminal cases. When it ended he came back and said that the three misdemeanor cases were settled. So instead of 35 of us needing to be selected, only 14 of us would be.

Then the judge came and as we were all rising up I thought about how amazing it is that not only does this guy get his own personal armed escort but he has the power to cause an entire room to STAND every time he enters it. Anyway, he explained that he would listen to any "hardships" that people had and judge on whether or not to grant a temporary pardon (they'd have to come back in July). Everyone who wasn't going to present a hardship to the judge was allowed to take a fifteen minute recess.

Fifteen minutes later the Clerk came back up and explained that in order to get the 14 jurors necessary only 40 of us would be required to stay. The rest were allowed to go home. "Anyone that has a number 141 or higher is dismissed...as long as you don't jump up and down with joy while your neighbor has to stay." Mine was 202. As we were about to get up he added that this counts as having served our civil duty, so we're all exempt from jury duty again until this time next year.

As I was walking away from the courthouse I was kind of sad I didn't get to stay and see through to the next part (where the lawyers start asking you questions). I mean, I guess it's ironic I feel like that since this morning I was praying like crazy that I'd be dismissed.. but it was just.. such an interesting experience that I kind of wanted to see it through to the end.

Had I actually been selected to move on and made it through to the end, this would have been a good time to do it. Both trials, according to the clerk and judge, would have only lasted a day each. One was tomorrow and the other was Friday.

Now my biggest question is.. should I try to take a nap? Or should I just push myself and stay awake until tonight and try to get a lot of sleep? Haven't quite decided yet...

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Date:2006-04-13 14:38
Subject:Jury Duty... crap

Just my luck, I got picked for Jury Duty.

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Date:2006-03-17 23:11
Subject:UK won first round!

UK won their first round. Take THAT every sports writer on the planet who didn't think they would even get past the first round! Now if they can just beat UConn!

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Date:2006-03-14 15:41
Subject:School Systems

Well my C++ teacher gave his opinion of the American school systems pretty loud and clear last night when the class got into a discussion about it. In short: he says the school systems we have are too relaxed and just plain suck. He was comparing other countries to ours, and how many students in other countries have already been exposed to calculus by the 8th grade. Which is just insane. But I think the story he told us was amazing.

He helps kids who would normally be looked down upon as being social outcasts, nobodies, kids who won't go anywhere in life, or other people have given up on. He lets them live with him and helps them change their lives around. The kid (though I shouldn't say that, he's 18 now) that's living with him now dropped out of high school by the age of 15 and had been on drugs since he was 12. Only recently did he quit his drug habit and start to turn his life back around. Oh and he's also from Holland (my teacher is a huge fan of Holland). Well, my teacher also teaches some advanced math course (I don't recall the name of it, and probably never will take this math class in my life--it sounded way advanced). He took a test that he had given his class home and let the kid take it, just for good measure I guess (or maybe the kid wanted to take it, I don't know). Anyway, basically half of his math class failed it outright, the ones that did pass.. most just barely did so. He said that the kid did better than more than half of his class, and obviously hadn't had this course before (since he dropped out and wasn't in college or anything).

It's rather sad that a high school drop out from another country can do better than most of us that are in college in an advanced subject. Makes you think.

But moving on. Everyone received their C++ midterms back. I did the best, at 93%. I even beat out my arch rival, who knows much more programming than I do (so I don't understand how I outdid him). The grades went down exponentially from what mine was. They were so bad that he decided that he was just going to throw them all out and give another test to everyone but me. Since I did so well I can keep mine.

It might have been because of how well I did, or perhaps because he knows that my major is programming, but he told me that he wants to introduce me to a programming professor from the University of West Florida that he's apparently very good friends with. That should be interesting.

And on that happy note.. I have a lot of C++ classes to write. Weeeee!

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Date:2006-03-13 00:41
Subject:The Game Has Hit a Brick Wall

Well, "The Kingdom of Crim" has basically hit the brick wall. Until I figure out how to develop a working room and NPC database, and a method of reading this database, there's nothing more I can do to it. Building said database is not something I'm having much luck with. For two weeks now I've been scratching my head wondering how to make it happen. The only thing that I know for sure is that I want the information completely hidden from the player. I don't want any chance that the player can open the database and see where he/she should go, or how to beat the game. I could probably circumvent most people by encrypting it, like I have with the player files, but if the game gets too big having to decrypt each piece every time something is needed will slow it down. If it's completely hidden then I don't have to worry about encrypting.

But then how should I develop it? Because I don't know of each component of the room/npc system just yet, and I may want to upgrade it in the future, I've been playing around with the INI idea. In my old days of mIRC MUD and bot scripting I've always used an INI system to store all the information that I'd ever need in nice sections and keys. Unfortunately, I've really taken the $readini() command in mIRC for granted because it appears that none of the major languages have it by default. In fact, for the .NET languages I'm not having any luck at all finding it. This means I'd have to write it myself. I'm sure it can't be THAT difficult, after all it's just reading through a file until it finds [section] and key= and returning what's after the key you want. I'm just afraid that this method may become too slow if the file grows too large (500+ rooms and it having to go room by room to find what I'm requesting might slow it down considerably).

Then that makes me wonder.. what other method of storing room information is there? There must be other ways. I seriously doubt Infocom used INI files to store their rooms. So the search continues for ideas on how to develop something that would work quickly and efficiently.

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