James (iyouboushi) wrote,

The Game Has Hit a Brick Wall

Well, "The Kingdom of Crim" has basically hit the brick wall. Until I figure out how to develop a working room and NPC database, and a method of reading this database, there's nothing more I can do to it. Building said database is not something I'm having much luck with. For two weeks now I've been scratching my head wondering how to make it happen. The only thing that I know for sure is that I want the information completely hidden from the player. I don't want any chance that the player can open the database and see where he/she should go, or how to beat the game. I could probably circumvent most people by encrypting it, like I have with the player files, but if the game gets too big having to decrypt each piece every time something is needed will slow it down. If it's completely hidden then I don't have to worry about encrypting.

But then how should I develop it? Because I don't know of each component of the room/npc system just yet, and I may want to upgrade it in the future, I've been playing around with the INI idea. In my old days of mIRC MUD and bot scripting I've always used an INI system to store all the information that I'd ever need in nice sections and keys. Unfortunately, I've really taken the $readini() command in mIRC for granted because it appears that none of the major languages have it by default. In fact, for the .NET languages I'm not having any luck at all finding it. This means I'd have to write it myself. I'm sure it can't be THAT difficult, after all it's just reading through a file until it finds [section] and key= and returning what's after the key you want. I'm just afraid that this method may become too slow if the file grows too large (500+ rooms and it having to go room by room to find what I'm requesting might slow it down considerably).

Then that makes me wonder.. what other method of storing room information is there? There must be other ways. I seriously doubt Infocom used INI files to store their rooms. So the search continues for ideas on how to develop something that would work quickly and efficiently.
Tags: game, kingdom of crim
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