James (iyouboushi) wrote,

Call this number!

Spread this number to anyone and everyone you know. I'd like it if this number was spread across the country by the end of the summer. It'd be even better if it somehow jumped the ocean gap and made its way into other countries.

Call it! Leave messages. Leave a story, a rant, a poem, a song, a lament, anything you want! With this number you are completely anonymous.

Let's see what messages we can get from around the country; nay, the globe. :D

(+1) 850-387-4401

This number leads to a voice mail service only. It's not a cell phone #. I created this just to give it out on the Internet in the hopes of getting it spread around in order to generate lots of interesting (or stupid, whichever) messages. Consider it a social experiment. Do not expect a response, even if you leave your phone # in the message.
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